Would you like to offer your clients and users an optimal experience? Then Atlantis certainly is the best choice. Atlantis is the ultimate platform for collection management and online presentations.

Collection management and online presentation

Atlantis is the ultimate platform for collection management and presenting collections online. Atlantis allows you to manage a wide range of heritage collections, varying from archives and images to hand-written and printed sources, art and literature, construction files, deeds, and registers.

Atlantis was designed to offer administrators and users the best facilities for collecting and managing information and making it available so it can be used in all its diversity and coherence. We want to offer organisations and people the opportunity to collaborate by integrating the subsequent information systems and distributing information while retaining their identity, integrity, and autonomy.

  • Fully web-based

    The Atlantis platform is fully web-based. Access to the solution requires nothing more than an internet connection and a web browser.

  • Platform for collaborations

    Atlantis solutions support international standards and link protocols.

  • Modular and extensible

    Atlantis features modular system architecture, designed to ensure extensibility, flexibility, and openness. This results in a solution that offers many configuration options that meet our clients’ needs and offer possibilities for future extensions.


With Atlantis at the heart of the solution, we offer various products for the heritage sector. Find out more about our products by selecting the options below:



Atlantis is a fully web-based solution for collection management and the online publication of archive, museum, library, and archaeological collections.



We offer solutions that enable you to present your collections to the public online. With the smart links and integration functions, your collection can be online in no time at all.



Atlantis is the platform for adding descriptions provided by the public to digitised collections efficiently and with minimum effort.



We create distinctive websites featuring unique designs and functionalities. Thanks to the latest technologies and standards, we know how to offer visitors an optimal heritage experience.

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