Atlantis for Municipalities

Aimed at municipalities, Atlantis offers various modules and functionalities in the field of civil affairs, housing and information provision.

Construction files module

We offer the construction files module for the management and online provision of construction files. Management can be done directly in Atlantis, or files can be retrieved from an external system thanks to a link. Direct downloading, requests for inspection or processing scanning on demand requests are among the options.


Scanning on Demand

Visitors can submit requests for document scanning via the public environment. The scan requests are grouped into requests for a scan party or department. The service is expandable with electronic payment, so that the visitor can immediately make any payments.

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File management

Atlantis offers the File Management module for the semi-static archive. The files of closed cases are managed in this module. This is done through series, files and documents. For destruction, a feature is provided that allows the destruction to be done through automated support.


Deeds and registers

We offer the Deeds and Registers module for consultation and making available of civil status or population registers. Separate fields for description can be defined for the different types of deeds and registers.



Present resources through your website or third-party websites using an Atlantis Audience Environment. This makes eligible resources available to employees and / or the public.


Link with e-depot

Atlantis offers a full cooperation with an E-Depot, regardless of the chosen E-Depot solution. Integrated and real-time files and metadata are retrieved and stored (via bi-correctional ingest). With Atlantis and an E-Depot solution, this offers a fully OAIS-compliant environment. The information exchange with the E-Depot is configurable and optimized so that files from the E-Depot are only used if the use of an original file is necessary.

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Flexible and configurable as required

Atlantis offers many possibilities to design the application entirely according to your own wishes. Thanks to functionalities such as Configuration Cockpit, Screen Builder and Dynamic fields, you are able to easily configure your environment yourself.


Features of Atlantis

Powerful publishing, search and integration features

Atlantis simplifies the management, registration and availability of the collections.

Expandable service package

The service package can be expanded with functions such as Full Audit Trail, Linked Opendata and the possibility to use and link with (external) thesauri.

No user licenses

The Atlantis platform has no user licenses or restrictions on the number of collections or documents. This also makes the platform very suitable for sharing with multiple parties or organizations.

Unlimited support

Maintenance and support takes place on the basis of a maintenance contract. There are no restrictions on the amount of support or the number of reports.


Atlantis supports numerous pairing and pairing protocols. Among others API, OAI, SRU, HTTPS and import / export in the form of XML, CSV and HTML.


With new modules, services and links with / to external systems, Atlantis can be expanded indefinitely and is ready for future wishes and needs