Atlantis Usergroup

The Atlantis User Group is an association formed from users of Atlantis software products


The goal of the user group is to achieve optimal communication between the user and the developer in order to ensure in the future that Atlantis software remains in line with practice. If you choose Atlantis, you will receive information via DEVENTit on how to join the user group.

  • Contact us

    You can reach the board of the Atlantis user group via email address:

  • Connecting

    Did you not receive any information or do you still want to join the user group? Then contact DEVENTit or the board of the user group

  • Communication

    The user group communicates through a digital private group on Pleio-platform.


The Atlantis user group is based on the principle of physically meeting each other twice a year. During a meeting we discuss and share wishes, problems, developments and best practices with each other. Because we have opted for an open method of communication, DEVENTit is also present at these user meetings.


The user group communicates through a digital private group on it Pleio-platform. Not every question is suitable for a national consultation, sometimes a question cannot wait until the next user meeting and not every Atlantis user can or will always be present. Everyone can give his or her input via the Pleio platform.



The board is formed by:

  • Bert Finke (chairman): Functional application manager Atlantis at the Emmen Municipal Archive 
  • Anette de Lange: Municipality archivist and functional application manager Atlantis at Municipality Gemert-Bakel 
  • Esther Fidder (manager of the Pleio group): Functional application manager Atlantis at Ede Municipal Archives 
  • Gerrit Verbeek: Management Team Leader of the Heritage Department of the municipality of ‘s-Hertogenbosch