Atlantis Crowdsourcing

Atlantis is the platform for adding descriptions provided by the public to digitised collections efficiently and with minimum effort.


Describing digital collections is a very labour-intensive process. This is why it is often done by volunteers. Atlantis crowdsourcing facilitates, improves, and stimulates the help of volunteers. It allows organisations to initiate crowdsourcing projects via one integrated environment, make it accessible to volunteers, monitor these projects effectively, and offer the necessary support.

Laptop Crowdsourcing


Atlantis Crowdsourcing integrates seamlessly with your organisation’s own website. Volunteers access the platform via your website from their own computers, where and whenever they want. This makes Atlantis Crowdsourcing the perfect option for building a strong relationship with the volunteers and getting more volunteers involved in your projects.

publiekelijk collecties zien crowdsourcing

Get started right away, immediately available

Digital collections are read in Atlantis Crowdsourcing via a link with the respective collection management system or smart import functions. The required entry fields for the public are configured within the platform. The project then comes online at the push of a button and the public can start working on it straight away. Information that has been added and checked will be instantly available for opening up the collection.

oplossing collectiebeheer


The Atlantis Crowdsourcing platform offers dashboards for reviewers, volunteers, and the project itself. The dashboard indicates how many records are offered and how many are described, approved, rejected, or need to be reviewed.


Features of Atlantis Crowdsourcing

Limitless number of projects or scans

The platform has can be used for a limitless number of projects or scans.

Fully managed in-house

Organisations can compile, create, and make projects available to the public without the intervention of DEVENTit.

Smart import and link functions

Thanks to the smart functionalities, the Atlantis Crowdsourcing platform works perfectly with various external systems.

No user licences

There are no restrictions on the number of project leaders, reviewers, or volunteers.

Automated approval

The choice of having one or multiple description entries will be made per project. With multiple description entries, recurring data entries are automatically approved.

Integrates fully with your organisation's website

As the platform design is entirely adjustable, it will seamlessly integrate with your organisation’s website.